Impromptu stop at the Cabinet of Curiosities 30 Hatt street in Dundas Ontario

Well, we’re back and back with a vengeance! To our loyal fans and followers our sincerest apologies for our less than reliable schedule these past few months but it’s was with you in our minds and hearts that we undertook so many perilous missions to break through with countless treasures and phenomenal material!

Literally we have thousands of items new to the shop and not on the website but we’re working on that… drop us a note stop by or keep an eye on the site…You’re gonna love us!

It’s no easy task to commit every waking moment to tracking down the mysteries of the universe… we hope to help make some magical holiday memories for you and yours.. Stop by the shop at 30 Hatt Street in Dundas or visit the website at

Here’s a piece just released to a local paper … in a single statement 🙂 we’ve got literally thousands of new items in the shop!

We may not be everyone’s cup of tea but we’re certain we can all agree, that the Cabinet of Curiosities is one of the most unique shopping experiences in the region. In fact, we take great pride in being  been described as “HomeSense through the eyes of Stephen King”.  Our small and ridiculously over-stuffed Cabinet is a one-of-a-kind source for unusual, magical, mystical, historical and awe inspiring treasures collected from around the world. Television and film have celebrated our distinct inventory as have some of the industry’s most notable figures, were we to drop names you might rub elbow’s with Guillermo Del Toro or Danny Elfman… Welcome one and all, those who appreciate the unusual and celebrate the wonderous, to our fantastical antiques emporium and museum of natural history – a true collection of wonders. Featuring tantalizing remnants of the Billy Jamieson Collection, the Niagara Falls Museum and the iconic Gord Smith FX collection.

The Q&A

What is your signature?

To redefine exceptional and inspire great wonder! Where else would you have to decide between a 2,000 yr old egyptian mummified hawk or Wolverine’s original 1st generation prosthetic arms from X-Men? Or maybe 80,000,000 yr old Mosasaur tooth strikes your fancy!

How did you start your business?

A lifelong fascination with treasure hunting, ghosts, science fiction and history paved the way for an eclectic collection that simply evolved into a retail venture to share the mysteries and wonders of the world.

What is the secret to your success?

The secret to success in this business is to never lose sight of the child inside. It takes the imagination and wonder of youth to see the magic that surrounds us every day. And trust us, it’s not on an IKEA shelf or at the dollar store. Magic exists!

How do you contribute to our community?

We like to think we enrich evryone who comes into the shop, wether there’s a purchase or not. Celebrate nature, culture and history and embrace the “Wow factor”!

These Tekonsha, Michigan farm boys presumably raided their mothers’ and sisters’ closets for this portrait, c. 1870s

Allen Ginsberg, taken December 1963 at The Women’s House of Detention in Manhattan, photo by Benedict Fernandez

“She went out with him several times, but after a little she turned him down.  Of course she couldn’t tell him the reason, ‘B.O,’–body odor–is a delicate subject.”–Lifebuoy Health Soap advertisement, 1931

Wedding photo, Budapest, c. 1920s

I once overheard him described as a mash of Gene Simmons and Indiana Jones, that he put the Rock and Roll back into history, archeology and adventure. In a short time he became somewhat of a legend to many, and his exploits and charismatic personality easily earned him the right to that single name recognition of “Billy”. Billy Jamieson however never got the chance to really bask in his glory and celebrate the phenomenal success of his television show that would inspire millions of people around the globe. In 2011, Shortly after production on his television series Treasure Trader ended, the modern-day treasure hunter and “Master of the Macabre” suffered a heart attack on his 57th birthday and died. In honour of his life and memories the decision was made to air that one and only season to virtually instant success. A single season was never enough and the fan base continues to grow today for an incredible man who lives on in myth and legend as much as memory. Now, five years later, The History Channel has given Treasure Trader a second life, a chance for a new audience to be captivated by the curiosities, oddities, and larger-than-life persona of the one and only Billy Jamieson. 

With the aid of his partner Jessica Lindsay Phillips, Treasure Trader captures Billy’s exploits in the worlds of mummies, shrunken heads, human skulls, tribal artifacts, and much more. Under Billy’s tenure as curator of the Niagara Falls Museum, it was discovered that the mummy of Pharaoh Ramesses I, which had been missing for over 150 years, was an unidentified part of the collection, and never would have been discovered if Billy hadn’t facilitated the sale of mummies to the Michael C. Carlos Museum in Atlanta, Georgia.

Billy may not have had been able to enjoy the fruits of his labour and watch as his show played on televisions across the nation, but he didn’t need to. He was living in the world of the strange and the exotic all the time, and he loved every minute of it. If The History Channel’s re-airing of Treasure Tracker can do only one thing, we hope it is that it inspires people to be as passionate and unique as Billy was. 

Cabinet of Curiosities has been lucky enough to work closely with Jessica over the past several years and is proud to count her amongst friends of the Cabinet and particularly Mark the owner. Over these past years together they’ve made it possible to bring an incredible selection of Billy’s collection to display and for sale. The website will soon be undergoing a dramatic refresh and invigorating transformation and we look forward to having Billy’s legacy as part of our future. Celebrating the life of Billy Jamieson, one of the world’s most enigmatic treasure hunters.