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Cabinet of Curiosities and Otherwise Needful Things is Canada’s most unique source for the unusual. Discover an imaginarium of antiques, collectibles, oddities, curiosities, and a cornucopia of whatchamacallits! Our inventory is as diverse as your imagination. Enjoy your online experience and then make plans to personally visit the entirety of the Cabinet! Immerse yourself in our world of thousands of items that will inspire, enchant and provoke your sense of normalcy.

Located at 341 Ottawa St., N, Hamilton, Ontario Canada L8H 3Z8
Open Wednesday Through Saturday 10:30am to 5pm
Closed Sunday, Monday & Tuesday or by appointment: Text 905-818-5728

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As a curiosity collector who is often in the media spotlight it is important the pieces I have sourced are of the highest quality and “strangeness”. I have been a client of Cabinet of Curiosities for a decade and every piece I’ve acquired is unique to build on my extensive collection. Marks is a leader in the Canadian oddities marketplace and brings years of knowledge to his buyers. From ethically sourced taxidermy to antique skulls and smaller odd pieces for the novice, there is a always a killer find in his inventory.

– Mysterion

(TV mentalist and collector)

From the moment you walk in the door, the place just takes your breath away. From floor to ceiling, there are things to see that you’ve never seen before (at least I have never seen them!)!! The people working in the shop are so kind and helpful. They even went out of their way to open the shop on a day early they hadn’t planned to because we were from out of town. We purchased a one-of-a-kind work of art and have never been happier. It’s on display in our living room and we cherish it. This place is truly phenomenal!!! A must..

– Sara de Bellefeuille

I have been collecting for many years, Cabinet Of Curiosities is by far my favourite place to visit. Whether you are looking for taxidermy, human specimens, funeral or medical antiques, post mortem photos, circus and sideshow memorabilia or anything in between you are sure to find it here. The owners are very knowledgeable and will happily talk to you about any of the pieces in the store (sometimes for hours). Every time I go there are new and amazing pieces. I have been to many oddity shops in North America and none compare to The Cabinet.

– Kurt McGurt

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