Incredible 1700s warship cutaway

Found hidden in an old scrapbook, this is an unbelievably detailed cutaway diagram of the interior of a First rate warship, and the exterior of a Third Rate warship. Click or hover over the image to view a larger image.

Treasure hunter finds medieval ring in Sherwood Forest

Amateur treasure hunter, Mark Thompson, 34, turned up a medieval, gold ring that was set with a sapphire stone in Sherwood Forest—haunt of the legendary (or real) Robin Hood. Experts have examined the ring and believe it may date to the 14th century. He had been using a metal detector and discovered the ring just 20 minutes into his trip …

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New products this week

Here are some of the new pieces we’ve added to the shop this week.

Taking It To The Streets

Come see whats inside the cabinet at the phenomenal Steampunk Festival in Coldwater Ontario this coming Saturday August 10th. If you have a morbid obsession with the spectacularly odd make sure to stop by our booth for your fix. We’ll have everything you never knew you needed!


Just in time for the holiday season…

Well, we’re back and back with a vengeance! To our loyal fans and followers our sincerest apologies for our less than reliable schedule these past few months but it’s was with you in our minds and hearts that we undertook so many perilous missions to break through with countless treasures and phenomenal material! Literally we have thousands of items new …

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1870’s Farm Boys Portrait

These Tekonsha, Michigan farm boys presumably raided their mothers’ and sisters’ closets for this portrait, c. 1870s