Our Words are just that, words, here’s what some of our friends are saying for us.

Coolest shop in hamilton absolutly love it lots of rare specimens also extremely knowledgeable staff.

– Tyler Barnes

A great place wether you’re a seasoned collector looking to add a show piece, or just getting started on a collection, every object comes with a story and is happy to make its way to you. Truly a place where the proprietors are just as eclectic as thier wears.

– Jeff Carson

As a curiosity collector who is often in the media spotlight it is important the pieces I have sourced are of the highest quality and “strangeness”. I have been a client of Cabinet of Curiosities for a decade and every piece I’ve acquired is unique to build on my extensive collection. Marks is a leader in the Canadian oddities marketplace and brings years of knowledge to his buyers. From ethically sourced taxidermy to antique skulls and smaller odd pieces for the novice, there is a always a killer find in his inventory.

– Mysterion

(TV mentalist and collector)

This place is fucking awesome!

– Opie, the office cat

From the moment you walk in the door, the place just takes your breath away. From floor to ceiling, there are things to see that you’ve never seen before (at least I have never seen them!)!! The people working in the shop are so kind and helpful. They even went out of their way to open the shop on a day early they hadn’t planned to because we were from out of town. We purchased a one-of-a-kind work of art and have never been happier. It’s on display in our living room and we cherish it. This place is truly phenomenal!!! A must..

– Sara de Bellefeuille

I am an avid collector of antiques and unusual items, and have been dealing very happily with Cabinet of Curiosities for many years. I have to say that the very best of my curios in my collection were purchased from them. Dealing with Mark has been fantastic, especially as he often locates items from near and far that are specifically sourced for me, and always they are one-in-a-kind. If you want a unique gift or treasure for yourself, I highly recommend you deal with Cabinet of Curiosities.

– Bill Grierson

I have been collecting for many years, Cabinet Of Curiosities is by far my favourite place to visit. Whether you are looking for taxidermy, human specimens, funeral or medical antiques, post mortem photos, circus and sideshow memorabilia or anything in between you are sure to find it here. The owners are very knowledgeable and will happily talk to you about any of the pieces in the store (sometimes for hours). Every time I go there are new and amazing pieces. I have been to many oddity shops in North America and none compare to The Cabinet.

– Kurt McGurt

We came as tourists and left as friends. It’s always a pleasure to visit the Cabinet of Curiosities. There is so much to see! We haven’t found another shop like this anywhere else in the World, especially in Europe. Dark Art and Curiosity Shops/Museums are a very rare find here, but the Cabinet in Dundas, Ontario, Canada has it all; from stuffed animals and ancient medical equipment, to torture devices. The first time we visited the Cabinet, Mark gave us a full featured tour. There was a lot of knowledge and stories that went along with almost every item in the shop. Actually, we thought it was a Museum, but it’s not, it’s far beyond that. Now, every time we are in the Hamilton Area, Mark and his Cabinet of Curiosities is a MUST; always new, exciting one-of-a-kind items handpicked from arround the world await us. It’s the perfect shop if you’re a serious or novice collector, if you want some killer interior design, or if you work in film and television and need that one-of-kind prop. Thank you Mark for having us, it’s always a pleasure to hang out at the Cabinet and travel through history.
– Robert Thorhauer

Welcome to the Cabinet of Curiosities and Otherwise Needful Things! Trading in Antiques, Curiosities and Oddities – From the Rare to the Absurd! We are Canada’s most unique Retail Gallery and Prop Rental service based in Dundas, Ontario serving the GTA and beyond!

We’re a hidden jem located at 30 Hatt Street in the picturesque Valley Town of Dundas, ON. Our brick and morter location presents a culmination of over 35 years of ongoing efforts in sourcing unique and historically significant material. Our inventory is as diverse as your imagination. We have exceptional museum quality collections in apothecary, funeral memorabilia, the macabre, Victorian taxidermy, medical study, quack medicine, tribal art, world treasures, eclectic Victorian decor and more! We feature signature pieces from the Billy Jamieson collection, star of History Channel’s Treasure Trader; historical pieces from the Niagara Falls Museum, the longest operating private museum in North America; FX pieces from the personal collection of Gord Smith, special effects master known for his award winning work including the X-Men franchise!

We’re expanding the Cabinet daily, immerse yourself in our imaginarium, challenge your sense of normalcy. We sell, buy, trade and rent! We welcome the curious and intrigued Wednesday through Saturday, 10am to 5pm. “We define ourselves by the things we own, live large!”

As much as we’d like to be able to load the full scope of our incredible inventory to the website, time is demanding and fleeting. The website is merely a taste, a teaser to what lays “in store”. While we will continue our efforts in regularlity adding material to the site, the true experience begins the moment you step across our threshold! See for yourself why we’ve been described as HomeSence through the eyes of Stephen King!

You may have already had a glimpse inside The Cabinet without even knowing it. We supply many film and television projects including Hand Maids Tale, Reign, Orphan Black, Umbrella Academy, Transylvania, Hannibal, Shadow Hunters, Murdock Mysteries, Anne with an E, American Gods and others. In fact many of our regular customers have coined the phrase “spot the prop” while watching some of their favourite shows. Stop by the shop and see if you can “spot the prop’!

BE A PART OF THE CABINET! We’re always on the lookout for distinct additions to our inventory. Wanted – Single Items, Collections or Complete Estates – Cash, Consign or Auction! Contact us by text/phone: 905-818-5728 or email us at mdraak@cabintofcuriosities.ca for details.