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Cabinet of Curiosities and Otherwise Needful Things is Canada’s most unique source for the unusual. Discover an imaginarium of antiques, collectibles, oddities, curiosities, and a cornucopia of whatchamacallits! Our inventory is as diverse as your imagination.

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1860s Medical Autopsy Illustrations


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Kuba Pwoom Itok mask


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Incredible 19th Century Alter Cross


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An incredible shop, haven’t seen anything like anywhere! Didn’t know where to start looking first. The shopkeeps, Mark and Dave were like tour guides telling us about the collection and pointing out some of the more unique pieces. Had a fantastic time and left with some great pieces to start my own small Cabinet of Curiosities.

- Chris Chan

The Cabinet of Curiosities is like the inside of some mad Victorian scientist’s head. Filled with medical oddities, strange and eerie items, and things that surely are cursed (in the best possible way). We spent an afternoon creating an incredible photoshoot in the space, and it was a wonderful experience.

- Taeden Hall

We rented … mostly from Cabinet of Curiosities. Cabinet of Curiosities had a lot of the tribal items, lemurs warthogs all the reptiles and the giant alligator skin that was in a niche upstairs and of course the emu and the giant anteater. There was actually much more than that. Their stock helped breathe life into Hargreeves’ world.

- Jim Lambie

Netflix Umbrella Academy’s Set Decorator

Enjoy your online experience and then make plans to personally visit the entirety of the Cabinet! Immerse yourself in our world of thousands of items that will inspire, enchant and provoke your sense of normalcy. We’re located at
30 Hatt Street, Dundas, ON L9H 2E8
Wednesday through Saturday, 10am to 5pm or by appointment.

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