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Real Taxidermy Crow

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Taxidermy crow, sourced from the UK mounted to a primitive wood block. Legal in Ontario and Canada.
Ethically Sourced.

The term ‘murder of crows’ originates from folklore that flocks of crows held trials to judge and punish members of the flock that had transgressed. If found guilty, the ‘defendant’ was executed, that is, murdered by the flock.

The dark side of the crow in mythology and folklore… In many cultures and traditions, crows have a bad reputation; depicted as a scavenger, a bad omen, or the harbinger of death. According to folklore crows are responsible for escorting the dead to the underworld.

In Christian tradition, the crow is considered evil, the opposite of the dove. They pluck out the eyes of sinners and carry the spirit of the damned to its final destination. The crow of the Bible was selfish because it did not return word of the new world to Noah at the time of the great flood.

In Celtic mythology, the crow is associated with death and destruction especially in warfare and times of battle. Many Celtic goddesses such as Badb took on the form of the crow during war.

In Greek mythology the crow was white but because of its betrayal to god Apollo he was punished and cursed so that its feathers were scorched.

The lighter side of the crow … crows are highly intelligent and social birds, and often communicate with each other and with other animals, including humans. It’s possible that the crows will try to communicate with you, such as a warning about potential danger in the area or simply expressing its curiosity about your presence. Because of the complex structure of their voice box, the crow can mimic the sound of other birds, animals, car alarms and even human voices.
Crows sometimes appear as a method of divination and prophecy. In some mythologies, crows are seen as a sign of bad things to come, but in others they are considered to be messengers from the gods. Crows often appear as trickster characters in folklore and legend.
Native American cultures perceive the crow in a positive light. Native American myths and legends frequently extol the crow’s intelligence and position them as symbols of good luck and wisdom.

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