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Exceptional Kilgore Authentic Anatomical Preparation Human Skull

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Nine articulated dissections

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Prepared by legendary medical supply company Kilgore International, this is an advanced anatomical reference human skull! An exceptional authentic vintage example, this human skull has been meticulously labeled inside and out to create an incredible and unrivalled ability to explore and identify in minute detail the complexity of the human skull. Nine articulated dissections, hinged and latched components allow insight into the sinus cavities; remove segments of bone and even separate the skull along multiple axis. A “window” into the mandible has also been prepared, showcasing the root structure of human dentition and the veins and nerves that service human teeth. Crafted by renowned osteologists of the legendary medical supply company Kilgore International, the specialists of high-quality anatomical models since 1955, this is a REAL (not artificial) human skull. While this incredible piece can serve an educational purpose, it is also a perfect fit in a prestigious and unique décor. There is one small area of damage as can be seen in the photos, does not detract in any way from the display with this exceptional high-end example. This skull can be shipped worldwide, anywhere the ownership of human osteology is legal.

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