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Ejagham Ekpe Society Emblem

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Museum Quality Tribal Art

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Museum quality tribal art – Among the Ejagham of present-day Nigeria, members of the ekpeassociation society created two-dimensional assemblage sculptures as emblems of their community. Constructed of a mat of woven cane to which three dimensional objects are attached, including animal skulls, rope, carved wooden objects, a drum, medical leaves and other elements, the sculptures were placed on the central post of a community house, and sometimes also on a wall indicating an inner sanctum.
Ejagham people, also known as Ekoi, are an ethnic group in southeastern Nigeria and extending eastward into the southwest region of Cameroon. They were the first to make skin covered masks and dance in them. The Nigerian and Cameroon regions share similar tribal organizations and traditional masks. Nkwa-mbuk, a mask-wearing society of the Ekoi, performed rituals such as human sacrifices and head hunting.
Frame 30 x 39 inches x 7 inches deep.
Ex. Billy Jamieson Collection / Ex. Niagara Falls Museum

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