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When working in a shop day in and day out its hard for one to have an objective opinion about the feel, flow and perception of how the shop appears in the eyes of another – it’s for this reason that we love to hear feedback from our loyal customers who come into the shop and share a story or two. One customer who recently came into our shop (Elizabeth D.) made the following observations and blogged about it on her blog page. Here is what she had to say…

A Curious Experience

When you first set foot into the “Cabinet of Curiosities” located at 30 Hatt Street in Dundas, Ontario,  you feel like you’ve stepped into one of those “hidden object games”. You are immediately overwhelmed by the sheer amount of unique and interesting items to examine and it’s a bit of sensory overload. It’s hard to believe that everything in the place is actually for sale and that you haven’t stumbled into a museum of rare and unusual objects. On any given day you might find anything from Turkish pirate guns from the 1770s to a 19th century  embalming table and, according to their Facebook page, over one weekend this past January, every purchase over $20 came with a “bonus” piece of genuine dinosaur poo. It’s the stuff of your wildest dreams and probably a few nightmares.

For the complete story see her blog.