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Say you’re walking around on the street and you just so happen to stumble into a shop that has a couple of 100 year old stuffed boar heads, an 1860s embalming table and some ancient Asian pieces of pottery that have been sitting at the bottom of the ocean for some 500 years and when you step inside you say to yourself “WOW, now this is neat!” If that’s you, well then you’ll certainly love our little shop.

Although we like to think of ourselves (and our collection of oddities) as a little out there and unique, we have to admit we are not the first to enjoy collecting things that might be considered, shall we say a little left of center, a little unnerving, a little odd and a whole lot thought provoking. Back in the 17th and 18th century there was a trend of collecting odd, unusual, surprising and exotic items and cramming them into cramped areas with no rhyme or reason to their arrangement. These collections became known as wunderkammern (or “wonder chambers”) or also known in the West as Cabinets of Curiosity. Just how relevant were these off the wall little shops? Many claim they were the precursor to modern day museums. And while we do have a few (what we like to consider) museum quality pieces, there’s nothing highbrow or stuffy about our little shop – that is of course with the exception of our  two stuffed boars (which by the way can be pet for free but we do ask that you not feed them).