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Antique collecting is a hobby that can be gratifying on so many levels. Of course there is the most apparent benefit; the prospect of making a few dollars (for some lucky collectors it’s a lot more); there’s also the thrill and rush of the hunt (finding or hitting a pick that produces that super rare item you’ve been seeking for so many years) and of course there’s the opportunity to meet and socialize with various groups of like-minded collectors like ourselves. But aside from the aforementioned benefits, one of the things we really enjoy about collecting antiques is the lore and fascinating stories that are often associated with certain items we stumble across.

Case in point: Recently we found an old box or two of Cat’s Paw Rubber Heels (ca: 1930s). Seeing these heels, reminded us of the days when people actually fixed things when they broke or wore out. And while the heels by no means are highly desirable or super rare (nor do they command large sums of money) they do however come with an interesting story. Research tells us the Cat’s Paw logo, first used in 1904, was designed by famed German graphic designer Lucian Bernhard. Now for many, that name might not ring a bell, but as it turns out Bernhard is the creator of the Bernhard Font and is best known for his unique style of poster-making. History also has it that while searching for the famed Amelia Earhart (American aviation pioneer and author) a pair of her shoes was found on the island of Nikomaroro and identified by the Cat’s Paw sole.

Now who would of thought that a simple rubber heel would be connected to such an intriguing past?