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Tibetan Human Kapala

USD $350.00

19th century Tibetan human skullcap with the design of a man being lifted and appears to be getting eaten! Crazy cool Kapala.

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Coiled Basket – Ulbung

USD $79.00

Ifugao culture – Philippines Missing top and handle off on one side. It is of coiled construction and could be found in most Ifugao households. It was used to store hulled rice and it is one of only a few ...

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Iban Bornean Hat

USD $200.00

From the collection of William ‘Billy’ Jamieson. Known as the ‘Sea Dayaks’ in the colonial era, the Iban people were famous for being the much-feared headhunters of Borneo. With their seafaring skills and fierce nature, they were reputed to be ...

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Black Ceramic Pot w/ Four Faces

USD $235.00

From the collection of William ‘Billy’ Jamieson. A black pigmented ceramic pot with bands of repeating decoration and four raised intricately carved faces, the rim with four dulled points and the foot slightly everted, possibly of African origin.

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