Strange Death – Hans Steininger: The Man with the Longest, and Deadliest, Beard in the World

The only sure thing is that if The Guinness Book of World Records existed back when Hans was alive, then the man would definitely hold one of its many bizarre records. Hans Steininger was an Austrian man who became famous for having the world’s longest beard. According to various estimates, it was over 1.50 meters long, and he became even more famous for dying because of it. It might sound unbelievable and funny, although the death of someone is never funny, but it seems like one day Hans accidentally tripped on his long beard. He lost his balance and fell, breaking his neck from the unexpected accident! He died instantaneously.

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  1. Look into this pic…. The family of Hans Langseth say this is a pic of him at 66 and he died of old age.
    See the link.
    Just an FYI…
    Not a Judgement…

    1. Eddy, they never said this was the last picture taken of him right before he died. This is just a picture of him that’s all. It is more likely that the accident happened when he was an old man years after this picture was taken. The picture is just a visual. And it’s more likely an old man would die from a fall which makes sense. No judgement

    2. Agreed, he had final wishes carried out by his son. How can one give a final wish after dying instantaneously.

  2. I’d also be a little dubious about the photo, as this was in 1567 according to other sites and the town of Braunau in Germany who have a page dedicated to him and the sculpture on a local church wall…

  3. The picture shows Hans Langseth, he was born in Norway in 1846 and died in USA in 1927. He has the world record for longest beard, at 5,33 meter when he died of natural causes

  4. I’m Hans Langseth’s great ,great , great grand daughter when he died of natural causes his beard was 18 1/2 feet long which still holds the record for longest beard.

  5. Hans Langseth and Hans Steininger are not the same people. Ignore all comments about Hans Langseth, the man with the official record for the longest beard, who died in the 1920s. This is about Hans Steininger, an Austrian man who lived in the 1500s. There are no photos of him. There are no known relatives of him. He was not Hans Langseth.

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