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THE ANIDROSIS! The Compound Vapor Bath – Outstanding “Quack Medicine” Vapor Box

$2,000.00 CAD

Outstanding museum quality ‘quack’ cure

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Exceedingly rare, a museum piece! retains original labels reading in part – For Disinfecting the System of the Basis of All Disease. Manufactured by Dr. S. F. Conant, Skowhegan, Maine. Full directions for use are also recorded on the label. A collapsible wooden box designed so that the patient sits inside on a stool with only their head protruding from the top. A mixture is introduced through a small trapdoor at the rear base which releases vapors that envelop the body. The idea being that they would be immersed in the healing vapors. The box is cleverly engineered, created from several separate panels that assemble quite handily allowing entry and exit. The sides and front panels feature decorative hand-painted canvas.
27in x 43in x 38 in deep

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