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Raccoon Baculum

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Natural History

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We can all use a little raccoon penis in our lives! The baculum, also known as the penis bone, is used for copulation in the penis of many placental mammals, although absent in humans, it is present in the penises of some primates, such as the gorilla and the chimpanzee. It varies in size and shape by species. It allows the male to mate for a long time with a female, which can be a distinct advantage in some mating strategies. This is your opportunity to enjoy the baculum of the raccoon! Raccoon not included. Size and shape may differ but presentation and quality is consistent.

In hoodoo, the folk magic of the American South, the raccoon baculum is worn as an amulet for love or luck or increase fertility; In Texas and Alabama it’s proudly used as a toothpick and for the moonshiner it’s part of the final step in getting the ‘shine’ from the still into the bottle via a slow and steady drip.