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Hot Words

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Beware the  jalapeno cards!

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A team-based fast action party¬†game that has you describing as many words as possible¬†in 90 seconds.¬†The tricky bit are the Jalapeno Cards which add rules to your team. The¬†hotter the¬†jalapeno, the more difficult the rules.¬†These rules will prevent you from saying ‚ÄėHot Words’- if any member¬†of another team hears you utter a¬†hot word, they can ring the dinner¬†bell to force you to drop the card you’re working on and draw a new¬†one.¬†The game is played over 4 ‘courses’, every course you’ll get a new¬†jalapeno card which will add to the¬†previous hot words your team already¬†have. These are cumulative and will make each course trickier!¬†Harder¬†jalapeno cards score higher bonus points though, so striking the balance¬†is key.

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