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UNPUBLISHED photographic slides of Mark David Chapman

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Original and Unpublished.

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On December 8th, 1980, Mark David Chapman silenced John Lennon. A tragedy the world will never forget. Four UNPUBLISHED slides of Mark David Chapman directly from his father’s estate. The ‘Bert” slide is hand signed by Mark.

Several years ago I was contacted by the step-sister of Mark, she had only just discovered the families dark secret. Upon her step-father’s death, her mother confessed that they had kept the dark secret all these years and that her step-brother  was in fact Mark David Chapman. The mother had married Mark’s father long after he had gone to jail so it was simply never spoken of. Upon the fathers death the boxes of Chapman family memories were pulled into the light and passed onto me. Unfortunately the bulk of the material was stolen several years ago but these slides remain, a glimpse of a young man who would later in life succumb to his demons and silence the voice of generations. Watermark is not on actual slide. Purchase will also include three additional slides from same estate but of a lesser quality Bringing the total to seven slides.