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In Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, USA

Ventriloquist dummies may seem kitsch and antiquated, taking us back to the days of old vaudeville acts and carnivals, but take a closer look- they are extremely frightening. The fact that they appear to take on a life and personality of their own is obviously a well-practiced trick, but there is an eeriness about these mini-humans. They tell jokes, roll their eyes, and appear to have their own minds. Suspend your disbelief and they could be capable of evil intent.

If one dummy is scary, imagine a whole collection of them- over 700 to be exact, all sitting in chairs and staring at you with vacant eyes. The Vent Haven Ventriloquist Museum, located in Kentucky, is the world’s only museum that focuses on Ventriloquism. Here you will find row upon row of carved wooden dummies, their features prominent and well etched in order to be visible from the back row of a theatre. Their unrelenting eyes will follow you throughout the museum, as if trying to hypnotize you into taking on the role of their master. Stay calm and try not to run screaming.