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With the weather coming and going these past couple of days, cabin fever doesn’t come close to describing the burning fever some of us diggers are going through, so here’s a little teaser to keep stirring those embers.

Late last fall my son and I … well I should be fair… he found the site and then invested better than a day in convincing me it was probably a good site… as it turns out it was incredible.. right in the heart of Dundas… it was a black glass graveyard!

If we dug one we dug literally thousands of broken black glass bottles dating from the late 1700s to the early 1800s … every base different every lip finish unique.. all hand blown and hand finished.. iron pontils, open pontils, glass seals … all shapes and sizes… absolutely phenomenal! In all, 13 whole bottles were brought to the surface along with a cobalt blue American soda! 200 years of history lay on the surface and little more than 4ft deep worth of digging. The boy was a champion while the old man was a bit of a lawn chair athlete, as the black glass bases were so thick and solid it was like digging beach rocks the size of baseballs!

If anyone is interested, we’ll be signing up for real life treasure hunting digs so drop us a note with all your contact info and we’ll introduce you to some real life adventure![/column][column span=”4″][/column][/row]