This book may be the eeriest ever written.

Written by G. Mackenzie Bacon, medical superintendent at the Fulbourn Asylum near Cambridge, England, the book contains the complex diagrammatic writings of an asylum patient who filled every centimeter of his pages with wild musings and diagrammatic text.

He was asked to abandon this writing style, to which he replied: “Dear Doctor, to write or not to write, that is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to follow the visit of the great ‘Fulbourn’ with ‘chronic melancholy’ expressions of regret (withheld when he was here) that, as the Fates would have it, we were so little prepared to receive him, and to evince my humble desire to do honor to his visit. My Fulbourn star, but an instant seen, like a meteor’s flash, a blank when gone. The dust of ages covering my little sanctum parlour room, the available drapery to greet the Doctor, stowed away through the midst of the regenerating (water and scrubbing – cleanliness next to godliness, political and spiritual) cleansing of a little world. The Great Physician walked, bedimmed by the ‘dark ages’ the long passage of Western Enterprise, leading to the curvatures of rising Eastern morn. The rounded configuration of Lunar (tics) garden’s lives an o’ershadowment on Britannia’s vortex…”

Sadly, he later drowned himself in public.

*Please Note* The eye is no longer with us.

The all seeing EYE! an incredible folk art sign from an Oddfellows lodge once mounted in the ceiling and dating to 1897 this handpainted embossed large panel is one of a kind!

all-seeing-eye-cabinet-of-curiosities-2 all-seeing-eye-cabinet-of-curiosities-1

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Ursus Spelaeus, Romanian Cave Bear Paw

1934 Phoenix Bird hood Ornament! These original old ornaments are getting hard to find. This one has on the underside… Design Patent and # 91300, and also T 29702.

See all the pictures to see how it’s aged. A little rough, but still a super cool piece.




Is there a more amazing graveyard? Don’t think so…

Besides having such famous people buried there as Karl Marx, Douglas Adams, and the parents of Charles Dickens, Highgate Cemetery has long been known for its ghosts, sinister activities, and other strangeness, including:

  • The most famous spook in this cemetery is The Highgate Vampire, who is not really a vampire in the classic sense, but a phantom that is described as a 7-foot-tall, dark male figure with piercing, hypnotic eyes and wearing a long black coat and high top hat; he seems to vanish into thin air. There have been several dozen sightings and encounters since the late 1960s.
  • A man whose car broke down near the cemetery came face to face with a ghoul with glowing red eyes that peered at him through the graveyard’s iron gates.
  • The ghost of an insane old woman has been seen racing among the gravestones, her gray hair flowing behind her as she searches for her children, whom she allegedly murdered.
  • A dark shrouded figure has been see standing stock still and staring into space. When it is approached, it vanishes then reappears a short distance away, still staring into the void.
  • A businessman was terrified by a phantom that jumped over the fence and landed right in front of him. He described it as having pointed ears, glowing eyes, and large nose. This might have been the infamous Spring-Heeled Jack.
  • The floating ghost of a nun has been seen passing over the graves.

highgate-cemetery-9 highgate_cemetery_2 highgate-cemetery-3 highgate-cemetery-4 highgate-cemetery-5 highgate-cemetery-7 highgate-cemetery-8

Justin Draak takes his menagerie of custom built skeletons for a ride 🙂