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Genuine Human Bone

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There’s 206 bones in the human body. Through ethical sources we endeavor to collect a wide range, from skulls to full skeletons. These are, for the most part articulated for medical research, study and education. We prefer our acquisitions to date back to the Victorian era for obvious reasons, the allure of the patina and the art of the Victorian ghost story. Due to age, it’s quite common for the articulations to come ‘undone’ as it were. And ultimately we’re left with centuries worth of random bones, each with a story to tell. Most of the singular small bones we offer here are toe bones and finger bones, sometimes vertebrae or ribs, and random puzzle pieces that as a whole create the form that we reside in, but on their own they’re quite happy to live on as oddities and medical curiosities. There are only a few left in stock.

Bones are selected at random, type, size and shape may differ but presentation and quality is consistent. each is a genuine human bone and a unique start into the world of collecting oddities.

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