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Diaphonized Frog in Vintage Flask

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Pink/red bone stain

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Diaphonization, also known as Clearing and Staining produces an incredible display of science and art in a myriad of sensational colours. Unlike wet specimens or traditional taxidermy this intricate process first renders the flesh transparent offering a window into the skeletal structure, followed by the delicate and precision injection of rich coloured dyes, each colour penetrates and illuminates a specific component, muscles, cartilage, tendons etc.

This frog specimen has incredible colour. The pink/red bone stain highlighting the skeleton brings attention to the unique structure that allows this create to hop, eat, and be agile. With its protruding tongue, long bones in the hands and feet, and “V” shaped bones in the lower abdomen, this specimen has all the unique qualities that diaphonization allows.

The vintage flask elevates this specimen from general oddity to curio necessity. With the narrow neck of the container, the specimen has a “ship in a bottle” quality, adding to its charm.

This frog specimen was processed over 8 months in order to ensure quality, vibrancy, longevity, and safety. Though many heavy chemicals were used through the process, this piece is completely safe and can even be used as teaching tools for demonstration of bone development, or an addition to any collection.

6.5 inches tall

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Weight .75 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 7 cm