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Wunderkammer Mystery Box

$45.00 CAD$100.00 CAD

Your Personal Cabinet of Curiosities

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Our Wunderkammer Mystery Box is the full spectrum collection. Each box is carefully curated and assembled to entertain, enlighten and intrigue through an eclectic mix of objects from the rare to the absurd illuminating the wonders of the world. Wunderkammer is the original term used to describe what has become known today as a Cabinet of Curiosity. Contents may include relics of lost civilizations, artifacts from the age of the dinosaurs, marvels of the animal kingdom, natural phenomena, the folly of man, and more. No two boxes are the same! Cabinet of Curiosities Mystery Boxes are the perfect introduction and starter kit into the world of Oddities and Curiosities! Three distinct ‘Mysteries’ are available, Death, Natural History and Wunderkammer. Choose your intensity at $45 or the ‘Collector’s Choice’ $100 Box! You won’t find a mystery box like this anywhere, let your imagination loose and start your lifetime collection today!

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