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Early Hominid Ancestor Skull The Rupert Lockfield Collection

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Early hominid ancestor skull In 1907, an ancient human jaw was discovered in a quarry at Mauer, a village near Heidelberg, Germany. The jaw had small, human-like teeth but was unlike modern human jaws in being extremely large and heavy boned. The unique features of this Mauer 1 jaw led to it being named a new species the following year. However, the species Homo heidelbergensis has only become more accepted since the end of the 20th century with the discovery of additional fossils that had features intermediate between those of earlier and later human species.
The Rupert Lockfield Collection is an ongoing mixed media artistic project best described as a novel told through imagined artifacts. Each sculpture or “specimen” is carefully crafted in mixed media to expand on the legend of the fictional Victoria Era explorer and scientist Dr. Rupert Lockfield.

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