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Victorian Partial Skeleton in Handcrafted Strongbox

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Partial Skeleton as found. Recently discovered in a rural barn, part of a doctor’s estate long since forgotten with rumored ties to the Paletta Mansion in Burlington and wealthy industrialist families of the region. Attributed to Dr. J. W. McNichols of Hamilton, this partial skeleton, looks to be a half skeleton, in an incredible find by any measure. The skeleton is fitted inside handcrafted modules within a crudely constructed strongbox. The skeleton itself is a Victorian era osteopathy specimen, while the strongbox looks to be constructed in the early 1900s. It features multiple compartments, a separate box for the bones of hand and foot, and even has a few pieces of xray film tacked inside to the dividers. It’s stenciled on the side as being the property of J.W. McN. It’s believed he was a physician in the early to mid 1900s, his father was also a doctor practicing in the 19th century.