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Memento Mori Doll, 1860

USD $675.00

This doll is a memento mori of a stillborn child. Dated around 1860 with the theme of the seashore in the fall, with real leaves, shells, moss and more. Original base but would have once had a glass dome covering ...

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Victorian Hair Art as seen on Storage Wars Canada

USD $800.00 USD $500.00

As seen on Storage Wars Canada. This garden scene is most likely made from the hair of several family members woven into flowers and branches. Many women of the 19th century began crafting their own hairwork in their homes. In ...

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Tibetan Human Kapala

USD $350.00

19th century Tibetan human skullcap with the design of a man being lifted and appears to be getting eaten! Crazy cool Kapala.

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Small Red Painted Wooden Bulb

USD $90.00

From the collection of William ‘Billy’ Jamieson. A small red painted wooden bulb, with a small wooden top opening surrounded by jagged wood. Loose wood in interior, possibly a rattle. Provenance unknown.

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Burr Ball

USD $25.00

Yes, you read it right… it’s a burr ball. Why? I don’t know. I’ve learned in my short time here to not question these things anymore. 🙂 Solid ball of burrs!

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Indian Pills

Indian Medicines Labelled Wooden Box, Circa 1890

USD $225.00

A must see for lovers of old bottles. “Beware of Imitations.” Long before marketing concepts such as ‘branding’ and ‘the soft sell’ became part of advertising world vernacular, door-to-door salesmen from the New England Medicine Co. had these notions down ...

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