A Kapala (“Sanskrit language” for “skull”) or skullcup is a cup made from a human skull used as a ritual implement (bowl) in both Hindu Tantra and Buddhist Tantra (Vajrayana).

Hand-carved designs, with a dark aged patina. Very unique.

This original painting was presented to the director of the House of Providence in 1972

Great colors, beautiful scene… by Canadian painter Stanley William. (Born 1900, Canada).


Smoking pipe, camping axe, hunting hatchet, or throwing hawk.

Cabinet of Curiosities is closed this Sunday, October 13th.

For Thanksgiving we thought we’d post some creepy Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade vintage photos… even though we are Canadian. We just love these!





Tin Man Balloon in Macy's Parade



This is one big, big gun!


“Tassel from the carriage that Napoleon used at the battle of Waterloo 1815”.

The Battle of Waterloo, is always included on lists of battles that changed the course of history. Napoleon was considered one of the greatest generals ever, yet he is often defined by this one terrific loss at the end of his career.

This tassel is framed, behind glass and in poor shape (the frame that is). We aren’t reframing it, due to it’s age we believe people will want it as is.

Original Police (Bobby) Helmet with chrome Essex badge. 1940’s – 50’s.

The Gao is used within this tradition as an amulet – a ritualistic object believed to provide protection from evil. This Gao is made of brass, with the addition of a silver buddha placed in the window. Within this is a scroll of a hand written prayer. The scroll would have been prepared and blessed by a Buddhist priest. Also inside may be herbs, stones and other objects believed to have protective powers.

The Gao is usually worn around the neck and hung close to the heart. It’s like a portable shrine!


A fan of the band Chicago might be digging this… not sure if this is one-of-a-kind, or if it is one of a dozen… haven’t been able to find anything on one of these.

Some members from the ‘Good Witch’ set have frequented our store in the past couple days. Pictured here are Glen Cresswell and George Mantis, whom graciously posed with items from the Cabinet. Thanks guys!!