An 1890 Circus Fun book. Book is part of the Circus Fun Series & was published by McLoughlin Brothers. The book is 7 1/4″ by 10″ with 16 pages. Each page has at least one awesome full-color illustration. The front and back covers are coming away from book but all pages are included within

  • Paper label on front panel reads
  • “Adapted to family use”
  • Embossed back panel: GARGLING OIL/LOCKPORT N.Y.
  • Hinge base
  • Dark green
  • Hand tooled lip
  • Partial paper seal on two panels
  • 6” tall

Now in your run-of-the mill antique shops you will find some fine specimens of historical wicker items; you’ve got your chairs, your tables, your tea carts and a whole host of other vintage wicker related pieces – but as for the folks here at Cabinet of Curiosities, you just might have noticed that we are anything but mainstream – now that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re not the practical types! No Sireeee, after all, what could be more practical then having a super cool wicker box that’s worth dying for – ok, dying for might be a bit of a stretch but there’s no denying that this vintage item is certainly for the dead (and of course for collectors of macabre and other mortuary related items).

Are you looking? … and I mean really looking, for that unique one of a kind oddity for that special friend …well look no further…  and for those of you who have noticed that we’ve used the word “look” 4 times in this description, BRAVO for you – how could we not,  given the fact that the item we are offering here is all about looking one’s best when the eye you once had has been poked out.


  • Paper label on front panel
  • Smooth Base
  • Hand tooled lip
  • Embossed on back panel: RUSHMORE’S/FABRIC RENOVATOR
  • Aqua
  • 5.5” Tall

How can you not just love reading old newspaper stories, particularly the types that just reek of fraud, scandal and sheer sensationalism. One particular favorite of ours is a story that caught the attention of readers from around the world in the mid 1800s. When it broke, there was no bigger story than, “The discovery of the Feejee (Fiji) Mermaid”

History has it that in mid July 1842, a gentleman by the name of Dr. J. Griffin (a member of the British Lyceum of Natural History) made his mark in the big city of New York by informing the press that he had in his possession a remarkable curiosity – a real Mermaid (a creature with the head of a monkey and the tail of a fish), which he supposedly caught of the shores of the Fiji Islands. Needless to say the press lapped it up and reporters were convinced that this in fact was the real deal.

As news spread of the new found oddity a fellow by the name of B.T Barnum (today known as the ultimate con-man. swindler, scam artist and entertainer) persuaded Griffin to allow him to showcase the mermaid in his freak show. The Mermaid fiasco is perhaps one of the most famous examples of Barnum’s special talent for duping the public. When later discovered that the mermaid was in fact a hoax, the master of advertising in his defense simply stated, “I don’t believe in duping the public, but I believe in first attracting and then pleasing them.” Barnum is widely, but erroneously credited with coining the phrase, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

A Swinger’s Delight!

Why run off and join the circus when we can bring the circus to you! For those swingers or folks who like to clown around this Tik-Tak, (litho on metal) wind-up toy is just the thing for you. This 1930s toy with two acrobats – wearing circus attire – stands almost 20 inches tall and is just over 7 inches wide and deep. A beauty of a find.

Whatever your reading pleasure, be it local or international, you can bet we’ve got a paper that will tickle your fancy. Our eclectic collection of papers will allow you to step back in time and marvel at the first hand news of the day. Transport yourself back to a time when newspapers were chalked full of errors, omissions, prejudices of the day and in many cases outright slander.

Seeing that all my shirts, pants and jackets have come with buttons of their own I think I can let this button machine go.

Antique Schott Brothers Button Machine Maker.

Great old antique button machine made in Providence R. I. Made IN U.S.A.-  made to last and with quality.  Machine stands 13-1/4″ tall as pictured and base is 7-5/8″ wide and 5-1/8″ deep.


UP FOR OFFER is a lovely first edition illustrated copy of a John Steinbeck classic: Published by Viking 1945. Appears unread and is in near fine condition

No discoloring, no remainder mark. 1st printing. Straight and tight, no loose pages or any other signs of wear.

There is no underlining, writing in the book or previous owner’s name

Slipcase show some signs of wear with some bumping to corners and a some cracking (see photo).

Overall a very nice copy of this book.

A great early litho insect powder tin from “Lyons Magnetic Insect Powder – Lyon Manufacturing Co., 144 Duane St. New York” from the “Somers Bros. Brooklyn, New York”. It has great litho of bugs. Overall in good condition given its age. We have not tried to clean it and will leave that up to the buyer if they want to. A great advertising tin for the collector of insecticides or just early tin litho

Although this style of decorative porcelain started to lose popularity with the public around 1910, today it is the most highly sought after and collectible style of RS Prussia porcelain. This lovely hand painted bowl (maiden with flower) measures 10 3/8” and is in remarkable condition. No chips, cracks or any other visible damage.