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Original 1919 Ouija Board Reputedly Haunted

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Authentic 1919 by W.M. Fuld

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A beautiful authentic antique wooden Ouija Board made by the William Fuld Co. of Baltimore Maryland that comes with a reputedly haunted history. As the story is told the board became overtly aggressive and possessed in nature so much so that the original owners attempted to purge themselves of it’s powers by throwing it into a lake. It was recovered and secreted away for these many years. The effects of the water as can be seen are stable, adds character and stands as a testament to it’s dark past. The back is printed with very detailed instructions for best use and results. WM Fuld is listed on the back as Inventor and Manufacturer / Games, Parlor pool Tables, Collapsible Kites. The Mystifying ‘Oracle’ Talking Board Etc. Copyright 1919.
Board measures 18.5 x 12.5 inches

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