Rare Antique Gaff Skull

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Nails driven into the skull in the shape of a cross

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Recently acquired several presumably gaff skulls from a very eclectic lifetime collection. The collection itself has proven to hold museum-quality, rare, historical treasures. With respect to the “gaff” skulls, the story lies with you, we can only speculate. The age is self evident, potentially Victorian, it appears to be a hide or skin, human or horse hair, the teeth are possibly human…. is there a real human skull in there? … consider the hand forged iron nails driven into one skull in the sign of a cross on the forehead but also driven into the eyes, nose and mouth…

GAFF – the sideshow gaff or bally fake, the con in plain sight… Barnum’s “Feejee Mermaid” is probably the most well-known sideshow gaff and its history is inextricably linked with that of the American sideshow’s birth itself. In reality, the Mermaid was nothing more than a macabre conglomeration of a monkey’s head and torso sewn onto the back end of a fish, with some added scales, hair and a pair of breasts tacked on for good measure.

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