Benin Ceremonial Voodoo Relic

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Rare Benin Voodoo piece for the protection and to ensure victory during times of war

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19th century Benin voodoo artifact used for strength, victory and protection in a ceremony prior to battle. A canvas form profusely adorned with a frantic collection of bird skulls, bird feet, goat horns, cowry shells, grasses, polished wooden shapes and shell currency.

The case as seen in one photograph is not included.

Formerly Billy Jamieson collection also featured on Netflix’s hit series Umbrella Academy.

A fascinating artifact of the Benin Voodoo beliefs, where it’s recognized as an official religion, even today it’s followed by some 40% of the population. Voodoo was originally known as ‘vodun’ in Togo and Benin, meaning ‘the mystery’ or ‘the hidden’.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 80 × 40 × 40 cm