Cooling Table Ca: 1860s

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Cooling Table – Ca: 1860s

Next to the chair, the table is perhaps the oldest form of furniture known to man. With that in mind, most of your run-of-the-mill antique shops in and around town just might have a few nice tables kicking around. They may have a lovely oval butler’s table, an elegant butterfly table, or perhaps even a Queen Anne tea table, but how many shops do you know that have a bona fide cooling table?

That’s right, a cooling table that comes direct to you right out of the mid 1800s. Creepy you say? We’d happily agree. It wasn’t uncommon for 19th century priests, undertakers and photographers to travel to various homes and provide last rite and photographic services for families who had lost a loved one. The bodies would be laid out on the tables, displayed and photographed. In an effort to preserve and maintain the bodies, ice would be packed under the cooling tables. The model we have for offer is a foldable wooden type, (allowing for easy transport as undertakers, priests and photographers travelled by horses from one home to another to provide this important service those families in mourning).

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