Original 1850s – 1860s Druggist’s Store Stock



Full package ‘quack’ medicine: wheatley’s spanish liniment intended for the cure of man and beast.  Plus inclusion.

An original unopened package of six bottles similar to the listing for Wheatley’s Pain Destroyer, however this one is a different product and the font design is different.  Inside, each individual bottle is fully wrapped in it’s own paper label, inside of this, the bottle is wrapped in a four page advertising circular entitled Wheatley’s Journal Of Health. The bottles are pontiled, unembossed, cylindrical in form and finished with an applied rolled lip. The whole package is wrapped in a brown paper, tied with a string and the full face covered with a large pale green label. The label reads WHEATLEY’S SPANISH Liniment intended for the cure of man and beast with detailed and exaggerated claims as to it’s ability to cure virtually everything. One claim of many being the certain cure for Big Head! The label continues to insinuate credibility by proclaiming the medicine is Prepared only by Dr. J. B. WHEATLEY/Dallasburgh, Kentucky”. AND WITHOUT WHOSE SIGNATURE, NONE CAN BE GENUINE. This is supported by a large facsimile signature. It is likely these packages would have been sold wholesale to a druggist for retail distribution.

The lot includes an individual wraped bottle, which if unwrapped, will also reveal the advertisng circular. Compare to the lot listing for WHEATLEY’S SPANISH PAIN DESTROYER also in this auction.

Condition: exceptional, label is complete with only subtle staining. One has to assume the bottles are full with contents. The brown wrapping is complete and tight. The string that binds the package is intact. The additional individual wrapped bottle included is in excellent condition. Slight staining to the top of the wrapping and along a side to be expected. The base of the wrapping still reveals the intact red wax seal.

Package: 5 in. x 5 in. x 3 in. deep / Wrapped Bottle: 4.5 in. tall x 3.5 in. in diameter

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