Rounded Iban Bornean Hat



From the collection of William ‘Billy’ Jamieson.

Known as the ‘Sea Dayaks’ in the colonial era, the Iban people were famous for being the much-feared headhunters of Borneo. With their seafaring skills and fierce nature, they were reputed to be the strongest and most successful of the Dayak tribes. Many clans from neighbouring countries were believed to have been wiped out by the Ibans or forced to move as a result of brutal and bloody warfare.

A rounded Iban Bornean hat made of rattan decorated with beading in different motifs.

A small round 20th century rattan hat, made by the Iban people of Borneo, with an animal hide peak with tufts of painted red and white hair. The sides are adorned with two woven beaded cloths, one set in a converging wave pattern which has come loose from the hat, the other in a zigzag, with white, dark blue, light blue, yellow, and red beads.

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