Fenian Raid Shot Coin



Sometimes the story is worth more then the item… as told to us, this coin was in the pocket of a British soldier during the Fenian Raids. Not only did it save his leg, but quite likely his life.

The Fenian raids were attacks by members of the Irish Fenian Brotherhood based in the United States on British army forts, customs posts and other targets in Canada after the Civil War came to a close. There were five Fenian raids of note. The primary goal of these raids between 1866 and 1871 was to bring pressure on Britain to withdraw from Ireland. Unfortunately for the Fenians, the raids were successfully and in most cases easily repelled by British forces and local militias. While the U.S. authorities arrested the men and confiscated their arms afterwards, there is speculation that many in government had turned a blind eye to the preparations for the invasion, angered at actions that could be construed as British assistance to the Confederacy during the American Civil War.

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