Original Kurz & Allison Chromolithograph



Titled: Capture Of El Caney, El Paso & Fortifications Of Santiago Charge Of The Rough Riders

A fantastic original chromolithograph published by Kurz & Allison, 267 – 269 Wa- bash Ave., Chicago with a copyright of 1898. The subtext to the title reads JULY 1 & 2 1898 GEN SHAFTER COMG 15,000 TROOPS, KILD 22 OFFICERS, 208 MEN, WOUND 81 OFF’RS, 1203 MEN, MISSG: 79 MEN. 2200 SPANIARDS, 62 OFFICERS CAPTURED. The artwork features a bloody chaotic battlefield, battleships in the bay and an air balloon in the sky. housed in an original oak frame. Ex Niagara Falls Museum Collection.

Image area roughly 24 in. x 18.5 in.

Frame: 35 in. x 30.5 Weight: 7 kilograms

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