Original Art Sculpture Edward Mordrake Skull

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Fact or fiction, myth or mystery…

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From the collection of the imagined Dr Rupert Lockfield – Aquired at Auction London 1901
Resin on custom wooden base

Fact or fiction, myth or mystery, it’s up to you to decide….
An account described Mordake’s figure as one with remarkable grace and with a face that is similar to that of an Antinous. The second face, on the other hand, had a pair of eyes and a mouth that drooled that it was female The duplicate face could not see, eat or speak out loud but was said to “sneer while Mordake was happy” and “smile while Mordake was weeping”. Mordake repeatedly begged doctors to have his “demon face” removed, claiming that it whispered things that “one would only speak about in hell” at night, but no doctor would attempt it. According to the legend, Mordake committed suicide at the age of 23, after he secluded himself to a room.

Biography…. I prefer to keep my identity private. As a treasure hunter and collector, I decided long ago that if I couldn’t find or buy a particular curiosity, I would make it instead…and so was born The Rupert Lockfield Collection. I refer to the collection lovingly as: “ a novel told through imagined artifacts”.

Dr Rupert Lockfield was known to the Victorian world as a brilliant surgeon, naturalist and explorer. But away from public view, Lockfield chased a macabre obsession until his dying day.He became one of the foremost pioneers of Cryptozoology and Occult Studies. Throughout his lifetime he collected, researched and catalogued hundreds of specimens and artifacts previously thought to exist only in myth and legends.

Dr Rupert Lockfield (b. 1853) was a renown Surgeon and Scientist in his native Great Britain. His life’s work was to explore the unknown. He collected, studied and classified thousands of specimens, many of which were, and still are, believed to be myths and legends.
In 1941 he emigrated to Canada with his entire collection to continue his studies and protect his valuable specimens from the Blitz.

Following his mysterious disappearance in 1949, My Grandfather became the caretaker for his estate. In 1978, my father assumed these responsibilities. In 2014, I inherited this position. I was soon after instructed, by a mysterious solicitor’s letter from London, to begin curating the collection, and offering selected items for sale.

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