Legendary FX Elephant Tusks

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Spectacular FX by legendary FX artist Gord Smith for the epic film Legends of the Fall.

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Spectacular elephant tusks created by world-renowned special effects master Gord Smith for the epic film Legends of the Fall starring Brad Pitt, Aiden Quinn and Sir Anthony Hopkins. In the film the tusks were trophies of none other than Anthony Hopkins. These are referred to as Hero props actually used in the film. incredibly realistic they have often been mistaken for real tusks, created of resin and foam. Good solid weight and feel display incredibly realistic.

Gord’s resume includes iconic films such as Platoon, Alive, X-Men franchise, Mimic, Born on the 4th of July, Nightshift, Snow Falling on Cedars and so many more.

42 x 5 inch at it’s widest diameter

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