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Conjoined Fetal Skeleton (Triclops) The Rupert Lockfield Collection

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The Rupert Lockfield Collection by artist Rob deLatt

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Conjoined Fetal Skeleton (Triclops) – Collected 1901 Bombay, India. This specimen is an extremely rare example of twins with a fused skull and brain. This individual(s) was/were stillborn.
Welcome to the world of Rupert Lockfield Collection. Lockfield was a Victorian surgeon, naturalist and explorer. Away from public view, he chased his obscure obsessions until his mysterious disappearance soon after WWII. As a pioneer in cryptozoology and occult studies, Lockfield collected, researched and catalogued numerous specimens thought to only exist in mythology.
Rob deLatt is the creator of the Rupert Lockfield phenomenon. A Canadian artist, oddity collector, production designer and mixed media artist. His work is distinct and provocative, described best as a novel told through imagined objects. Cabinet of Curiosities is proud to be the exclusive gallery showcasing his exceptional work, creations of depth and imagination that only
appreciate with time.
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