Pot Is Fun!

Allen Ginsberg, taken December 1963 at The Women’s House of Detention in Manhattan, photo by Benedict Fernandez

‘This is going to be our last date.’

“She went out with him several times, but after a little she turned him down.  Of course she couldn’t tell him the reason, ‘B.O,’–body odor–is a delicate subject.”–Lifebuoy Health Soap advertisement, 1931

The One The Only …. Billy Jamieson

I once overheard him described as a mash of Gene Simmons and Indiana Jones, that he put the Rock and Roll back into history, archeology and adventure. In a short time he became somewhat of a legend to many, and his exploits and charismatic personality easily earned him the right to that single name recognition of “Billy”. Billy Jamieson however …

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By Appointment Only!

Le Musée des Vampires — the Vampire Museum 14 rue Jules David Paris, 93260 France (entrance at the back)                               This unique story started many years ago. Jacques Sirgent, an eccentric but highly knowledgeable scholar and specialist of the macabre, opened “The Museum of Vampires and …

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Antique Cadaver Photos

As photography was coming into fashion, groups of medical students and morticians pose for photographs with their cadavers. The results are actually quite freaky.

The Far Side of Irony

I just can’t help thinking there has to be an irony in here somewhere… a Far Side card from Mark David Chapman… Most of us don’t need any introduction to the Far Side… an all to familiar and relatable cartoon / illustrative offering that revealed the uniqueness that routinely disguises itself as the subtleties we take for granted in day …

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Cabinet at Hamilton Film Expo

Cabinet of Curiosities has been working with the local filmmaking community renting unique props to enhance productions, on Saturday November 7th we’ll be at The Hamilton Film Expo! One of a kind original authentic FX pieces from the special effects master Gordon Smith. Material will be on display and for sale ranging from $30 to $3,000. A once in a …

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