A must see for lovers of old bottles.

“Beware of Imitations.”

Long before marketing concepts such as ‘branding’ and ‘the soft sell’ became part of advertising world vernacular, door-to-door salesmen from the New England Medicine Co. had these notions down to a science. The snake oil type products they were pushing in their “FAMILY MEDICINE CHEST” were cleverly packaged and associated with everything Indian. The Chests included Indian Blood Bitters, Indian Cough Balsam, Indian Pills and Indian Oil. Back in the day European settlers, intrigued by the mystical powers of the all- natural native cures, could not help but be drawn into the healing powers of these magical and mysterious remedies. Salesmen would go door-to-door and leave homeowners with their medicine chests along with a promise not to charge a penny, provided homeowners didn’t use the product. Some 6 months later these sneaky salesmen would return to the previously visited homes. Inevitably someone in the household, over the course of this time, would have fallen victim to one or any of the ailments, for which the medicine was prescribed and would dip into the medicine chest. Thus the sale was a made. Makes you wonder if these sales tactics played any role in the expression “Indian giver.”

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Dimensions 22 x 10 x 25 cm