Double sided Mother of Pearl inlaid 6th plate case with the Wilmont Family inside:
Under the MOP door is a 6th plate tinted tintype of “Officer Rodney Wilmont and wife” ” West End Police Service-CA 1864″. He is dressed in his blue police tunic and English style bobby helmet with insignia. He wears a large badge or parade ribbon. His wife is holding a rope of some kind. There is subtle reddish tint to her blouse and skirt. Plate is flat and excellent.

Behind the rear door is a 6th plate tinted tintype of ” Monte Wilmont – Etobicoke 1864 – aged 8″. Monte is wearing a Military school cadet uniform with some red tinting. Plate is flat and excellent.

6th plate MOP dual image case has beautiful inlaid Mother of Pearl pieces and good Japan varnish. Both door hinges are good and the spine has the word “Memorial” in gold gilt script. Both velvet pads are great and the case elements match. The gold gilt edge paint is awesome with a few minor chips. The brass clasp grabs properly and holds the case shut nicely

Weight 0.159 kg
Dimensions 10 x 2 x 8.5 cm