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Discover the world of Ammonites

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Treasured for their intricate appearance, brilliant colors and ornate forms, these historical fossils will take you back some 330 million years. History has it that native tribes around the world including the Navajos and North American Plain Indians once carried ...

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Indian Pills

Indian Medicines Labelled Wooden Box, Circa 1890

USD $225.00

A must see for lovers of old bottles. “Beware of Imitations.” Long before marketing concepts such as ‘branding’ and ‘the soft sell’ became part of advertising world vernacular, door-to-door salesmen from the New England Medicine Co. had these notions down ...

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1861 Queens Plate winner Detail

Queen’s Plate Winner Photo (1861)

USD $2,200.00

This ain’t no dog and pony show were talking about here folks, but rather a true thoroughbred of a collectable celebrating The Queen’s Plate: Canada’s oldest thoroughbred horse race founded in 1860 by Queen Victoria. Clad in Spanish inspired riding ...

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Mosasaur Teeth

USD $25.00

These fossil teeth come from the T-Rex of the prehistoric seas! And roaming the earth at the same time as the T-Rex, 65 million years ago this bad boy terrorized waters around the world… the sea-going reptile, MOSASAUR. The largest ...

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Medical Bloodletting Surgical Tool (Fleam)

USD $325.00

A little background… Post-thrombotic syndrome, also known as post-phlebitic syndrome, is a common complication of deep-vein thrombosis (or in every day language a really nasty blood clot in a vein, typically those deep in the leg). These days it is ...

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