Extremely early label only Canadian medicine bottle from Dundas (C.W.) This one is loaded with character and reeks of historical significance. It boasts a partial label, incredibly crude rolled lip, striations in the neck, is loaded with seed bubbles and has an impressive deep, sharp, open pontil base. This is the earliest Canadian medicine we’ve come across, let alone the scarcity of a Dundas medicine bottle of any age.

The wood cut label identifies it as being THORNTON & FISHER CHEMISTS & DRUGGISTS DUNDAS. It also states COMBS, BRUSHES & PERFUMES and PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY DISPENSED. The label features an elaborate design of a snake wrapped around a greek style column and is crowned by what looks to be an eagle however comes across more like an angry turkey!

Thornton & Fisher were in business in Dundas for just four years from 1861 to 1865 as referenced in Glen C. Phillips guide The Ontario Drug Store and Druggist List 1851 – 1930.

Some cloud and haze. The bottle itself near mint. Distinct by any measure in it’s crude manufacturing finish. The label is approx 70% with expected stains, fully legible.

Weight 0.427 kg
Dimensions 19 x 9 x 9 cm