Iranian Amlash burnished pottery beak-spouted vessel. The body is smooth with incised decoration resembling a bird’s plumage surrounding the spout. Circa 600 B.C – 1200 B.C.
With it’s simple, elegant surface decoration, this vessel exemplifies many of the most distinctive features of ancient Iranian ceramics. Superb testimony to the skill of ancient Iranian potters, these vessels often evoke in whimsical fashion the forms and features of birds and other animals.

The term Amlash culture refers to an assortment of historic materials and periods in Gilan and west of Mazandaran in north-west Iran. Amlash refers to the geographical region from which some archaeological objects of certain types come. This was one of the most distinctive Iranian cultures of the late second and early first millennia BC.

Ex William ‘Billy’ Jamieson collection.

Weight .360 kg
Dimensions 20 x 18 x 12 cm