Prop Rentals

Who Can Rent?

Our unique antiques and oddities are available for rental to photographers, stylists, set designers, and movie/television production companies, Other groups are welcome to inquire about rental arrangements. We do not rent for parties, weddings, Halloween or other non-production activities.


Rental fees are assessed per item. Rates are 20% of retail value, plus HST.
A credit card will be required on file that will only be used if the rental is not returned or comes back damaged.

Anything returned late will be charged the per item daily rental fee.


Props are expected to be returned in the same condition they were received.

The renter assumes all liability for the rental items when they are in the renter’s possession. Fees for lost or damaged items will be assessed accordingly at the discretion of the Cabinet of Curiosities.


Most everything at the Cabinet of Curiosities is available for rent with the exception of unframed antique photos, weapons of any type, wigs, and shoes.


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