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19th. Century Victorian Vapour Bath

USD $2,200.00

This unique distinctly victorian “quack” contraption was created to allow the doctor to travel throughout any given town as he traveled selling his treatment as a cure. The treatment consisted of seating the patient inside this cleverly constructed wooden panelled ...

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Pomroy’s Eye Salve

USD $125.00

Dr. Pomroy’s Eye Salve. Box contains 2 packages of Dr. Pomroy’s Opthalmic Ointment or Eye Salve. Package contents are round, silver tins, wrapped in the directions for use paper. The direction packaging has a 1 cent proprietary stamp attached to ...

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Glycerate Of Arnica, 1874

USD $145.00

Unusual and very early quack medicine bottle with complete original label for Glycerate of Arnica Compound for the Hair from Russell & Landis, Wholesale Druggists, No. 5 North 5th Street, Philadelphia. Pale aqua bottle is blown in mold with a ...

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Dr. J. W, Polands White Pine Compound

USD $125.00

Dr. J. W, Polands White Pine Compound. A remedy for all kinds of coughs, sore throat, bronchitis, etc. Back recessed panel labelled and embossed With original contents Double collared, hand tooled lip, smooth base DR J.W. POLAND’S/WHITE PINE/COMPOUND Heavily detailed ...

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Indian Pills

Indian Medicines Labelled Wooden Box, Circa 1890

USD $225.00

A must see for lovers of old bottles. “Beware of Imitations.” Long before marketing concepts such as ‘branding’ and ‘the soft sell’ became part of advertising world vernacular, door-to-door salesmen from the New England Medicine Co. had these notions down ...

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