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USD $225.00

This is a very rare medical spring loaded steel & brass fleam with it’s original wood and leather covered case dating to the early 1800’s. This size fleem or bleeder, is ofen called the “Jefferson” fleam. Thomas Jefferson used fleems this size to bleed ...

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Veterinary Fleam – Blood Letting Tool

USD $225.00

This is an antique Fleam or blood letting tool also called a lancet. The same theories and practices that prevailed for human medicine were applied to the treatment of animals. Not only were horses routinely bled, they were also cupped ...

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Try Moses Cough Drops Tin

USD $120.00

Scarce early lithographed tin measuring 2 1/2″ high by 1 5/8″ wide for Moses Cough Drops’s Mose’s Cough Drops celebrated remedy for coughs, colds, sore throat and hoarseness Manufactured by E.J. Hoadley, Hartford, Conn. Condition is lovely as shown in ...

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Medical Bloodletting Surgical Tool (Fleam)

USD $325.00

A little background… Post-thrombotic syndrome, also known as post-phlebitic syndrome, is a common complication of deep-vein thrombosis (or in every day language a really nasty blood clot in a vein, typically those deep in the leg). These days it is ...

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