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Wood’s Canadian Vegetable Liquid

USD $225.00

Complete Paper label on front w/ directions 1868 Lowell, Mass. Elongated neck w/hand tooled lip Classic example of “quacker tactics” when marketing a medicine. In this case, Canadian’s have been assigned a mysterious quality in an effort to market the ...

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Chamberlain’s Pain Balm Package

USD $30.00

Original Wrapper, no bottle Chamberlain Medicine Company,Demoine, Iowa, USA, Toronto, Canada Contains original advertising leaflet circa 1882 Bilingual label (French and English) 20% of French label is missing Full English text It’s a cure 5” x 2” Cures for toothache, ...

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Gallup’s Mystic Cough Mixture

USD $125.00

Prepared by Benj. Gallup Crisp clear and complete paper label on front and back panel Circa 1860 With contents Professionally sealed for shipping Flare lip Open pontil base Aqua 4.75” tall

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Phelps Browne – Blood Purufier

USD $95.00

Green Paper label on front includes cures and directions Embossed on back: DR. O PHELPS BROWN Circa 1860’s Grand St. Jersey Smooth base Hinged mold Hand tooled lip Aqua 8” tall

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Pryor’s Tonic For Chills

USD $100.00

Paper label on front with directions R.G. Pryor Druggist Vicksburg, July 8, 1868 With cork Smooth base, possibly retired pontil Rolled lip Aqua 5.5” tall

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Kennedy’s Salt Rhuem Ointement

USD $225.00

BEAUTIFUL bright, sharp, orange wrap around paper label Manufactured by Donald Kennedy, Roxbury, Mass. Cures on the label include scurvy sores, piles, leg ulcers… Comes with cork and is still filled with ointment Embossing on bottom – Kennedy’s Ointment Hand ...

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Brakenridge Elixir Paregoric

USD $80.00

Antique hand blown druggist bottle with rough pontil and original label: PREPARED BY N.C. BRAKENRIDGE, Wholesale Druggist, NORWICH CONN. 4.25″ high No chips or cracks Complete label intact 12 panel crudely tooled lip

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Atwood’s Vegetable Physical Jaundice Bitters

USD $45.00

Paper label on front claims effectual cure for loss of appetites, jaundice, headache… Manufactured by Moses Atwood Georgetown, Mass Aqua 12 paneled Embossed on 5 panels: ATWOODS/JAUNDICE BITTERS/MOSES/ATWOOD/GEORGETOWN/MASS. Smooth base Hand tooled lip 6.25” tall

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Sweet Tincture Rhubarb

USD $100.00

Paper label on front reads: Berlin Medicine No.3 A laxative product with dosage instructions 12 paneled Flared lip Open pontil base Aqua 5” tall

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