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Glycerate Of Arnica, 1874

USD $145.00

Unusual and very early quack medicine bottle with complete original label for Glycerate of Arnica Compound for the Hair from Russell & Landis, Wholesale Druggists, No. 5 North 5th Street, Philadelphia. Pale aqua bottle is blown in mold with a ...

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1873 Lavender Water Labeled Bottle by Weeks & Potter

USD $125.00

Beautiful early hair bottle LAVENDER WATER HIGHLY IMPROVED PREPARED SOLELY BY WEEKS & POTTER 360 WASHINGTON STREET BOSTON. Entered into congress 1873. 95% front label hand painted flowers design. Back label has seen better days but still 85% legible. Stands 7.5 ...

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Pychon’s Pure Lemon Extract

USD $60.00

For flavoring sauces, jellies and custards Embossed on back: BOSTON – front: PYCHON Top broken off Paper label with picture of lemon on front Open pontil base 5” tall

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Dr.S.S.Fitch & Co.

USD $45.00

Embossed on back: Dr. S.S. Fitch & CO. / 714.b. WAY. N.Y. Circa 1860’s Aqua Smooth base Hand tooled lip 4.5” tall

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R.R.R Radway & Co.

USD $95.00

Partial paper label on front reads Ancaster ON. Circa 1850’s Embossed on 3 panels: R.R.R/ RADWAY &CO./NEW YORK (BACK) ENTD ACORD TO/ACT OF CONGRESS (SIDES) Hinge open pontil base Rolled lip Aqua 5” tall

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Dr. Wilson’s Herbine Bitters

USD $75.00

ORIGINAL RED LABEL states: cures for jaundice, dyspepsia, headache A TRUE BLOOD PURIFIER Embossed on back: DR. WILSON’S/HERBINE BITTERS/THE BRAYLEY DRUG CO./LIMITED/ST JOHN . N.B. Hand tooled lip Smooth base Clear 6.5” tall

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